Ontario’s Police Act is offensive

May 1, 2018 0

Whoever forms the Ontario government after June’s election, one of their priorities should be immediate and wholesale reform of the laws that govern policing in […]

Toronto cops: in crisis? Uhh… no

July 13, 2017 0

Toronto’s cops are over-worked, Are 95 police resignations cause for concern? Absolutely, yes. Because there are far too few of them. Consider: there are, according […]

Podcast: September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016 0

What colour should Toronto’s police cars be? Does a sick police horse deserve a lights & sirens run to the vet? Where were you at […]

Podcast: August 7, 2016

August 7, 2016 0

Why are Ontario’s doctors warring with their own union? Ont. Medical Assoc. President Dr. Virginia Walley and Dr. David Jacobs explain Toronto Police caught redhanded […]

Podcast: Apr 24, 2016

April 24, 2016 0

What’s wrong with Toronto’s cops? Toronto Life contributing editor Philip Preville has the answers. Why Canada Post workers could be locked out / on strike […]

Podcast: Apr 17, 2016

April 17, 2016 0

Alien update Fatal shootings have more than doubled so far this year, do you feel safe? Did Justin Trudeau get the conditions right in his […]

Podcast: Mar 27, 2016

March 27, 2016 0

Should TTC build & manage future transit projects? Councillor Joe Mihevc says yes Council Briefing with Mayor John Tory Why can’t police and citizens just […]

Podcast: Feb 21, 2016

February 21, 2016 0

Remembering soldiers of suicide Will Toronto Police’s Transformation Task Force be all talk, or action-oriented. David Soknacki $18,000 per year for doing nothing? Why a Guaranteed […]

Podcast: Jan 31, 2016

January 31, 2016 0

Real-life Iron Man James Hobson from Kitchener builds working exoskeleton in his garage. Are you ready to suffer through a city-wide labour dispute? Deputy Mayor Denzil […]

Podcast: Jan 24, 2016

January 24, 2016 0

City to charge $75 Fee (+ HST) in order to process your tax payment! How a million dollar mix-up turned 2 GPS satellites into proof of […]

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