Podcast: Feb 7, 2016

  • I don’t think the flawed testimony of 2 witnesses in the Jian Ghomeshi trial means they’re lying.
  • Science: So, what? with Robert J. Sawyer.  When will plumbers work in space?  When can I invest in an asteroid mine?  Who will reach Mars first – NASA or Elon Musk? How long can I live? What difference will artificial gravity make?
  • Why bother vote in a by-election? Candidates Niki Lundquist (NDP) Lorne Coe (PCPO), running in Whitby-Oshawa tell you why.
  • Is Toronto's taxi industry trying to commit suicide? Sajid Mughal, iTaxiWorkers & Paul Sekhon, City Taxi say no.
  • Stupid of the Week:  See above.