Canada’s “shared values” are laws

"Shared values" are just laws by a more inflammatory name.


For God’s sake, Conservatives: shut the hell up about “Canadian Values.”

I’ve lived all over this country, and around the world, and one thing I quickly learned is that “values” don’t travel. And, they’re not widely shared.

What drives a man to madness in downtown Toronto wouldn’t cause another to cross the street in Vancouver. And something a woman might kill for in the Yukon, couldn’t be given away for free in Halifax. Canada has very few shared values. Hell, Conservatives don’t even share many values – witness the arguments they’re having over shared values. Case closed.

And, what few “shared Canadian values” that do exist, are far better known by their other name: “The Law.”

Beyond those rules we, as a society, have codified as laws, there is nothing else universally shared by Canadians from all walks of life in every corner of the country.

Called by their proper name, it only makes sense to ensure immigrants, refugees and visitors agree to abide by Canadian Law if admitted to our country.  Should new Immigrants and refugees receive instruction in our laws – especially those that may be markedly different from the society they’ve come from? That only makes sense too. We’d do well to do the same for our natural-born citizens.

So, Conservatives: stop talking about “shared values” and take this simple test. When you want to say “shared values,” use the word “laws” instead. If it still makes sense, then please just say “laws.” If it doesn’t make sense, then you should probably just shut up.