August Update: Book, Business, Brown, Broadcasting & Ballots

Newly-elected PC Party of Ontario leader Patrick Brown talks with Alan Carter for Focus Ontario on Global TV – May 9, 2015

Just a quick personal blog note for those interested in these things…

Book launch has been set for November 10, 2015 to take advantage of a marketing opportunity. We are planning to host a public launch event in Toronto, so if you're going to be in town around that time, check back for more info as it draws closer. Would love to see you there!

My consulting practice is growing nicely. I'm working with Ballacaine Strategy & Execution and whose clients include the Town of Caledon, a number of private businesses and others. If you're looking for assistance translating a fantastic idea or brilliant strategy into tangible results, I'd be very interested in chatting.

Happy to say the Patrick Brown campaign was a great success and I think he's already proving to be an outstanding Leader of the PC Party of Ontario. He will be a great Premier in 2018, if not before.

I'm (hopefully) taking Sunday off my radio show which appears 1-3 pm on CFRB NEWSTALK1010 and 1-2 pm CFRA Ottawa, CKLW Windsor and sometimes CKTB Niagara. So there will be other programming.  If an election is called, however, you may hear my voice occasionally trying to sound insightful.  On that note, I can say some of my consulting schedule for the next couple of weeks has been adjusted today in a way that lends credence to speculation that Prime Minister Harper will ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament on Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for your support. Get out and enjoy the weather while it lasts!