New Event: The last thing you need!

I’m happy to announce I will be speaking at DEMCON 2018 – The Disaster and Emergency Management Conference in Toronto on October 3, 2018.

The Last Thing You Need: How to keep Elected Officials out of the way

You’ve got your hands full managing a dynamic crisis. The scene is fast-changing. Information is sketchy. You’re trying to balance protocols with the unique and evolving demands of an unprecedented emergency, working to keep the situation on the right side of chaos.

Your radio squawks with news the governor, mayor or premier has just arrived and wants a briefing and tour. It’s the last thing you need. Elected Officials at disaster scenes are a royal pain. They can suck up resources, distract management, delay decisions, distort authority and introduce an undesirable circus atmosphere to your carefully managed scene. Then, they step outside and begin talking to the media… creating public confusion.

Mark Towhey will draw from his real-world experiences to explain what elected officials need, why the need it, how to give it to them, how to keep them out of the way, and how you can transform their presence from an unwanted liability into a desirable asset. This session will be invaluable for anyone in the emergency management community responsible for planning, responding to or managing a crisis, disaster or emergency response.

If you’re part of the Crisis Management, Disaster Management, Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Security or Incident Management community, I hope to see you there!