A first look at all 10 of Ford’s 5 Priorities

The Ontario PC Party released Doug Ford's 5 Priorities today – all 10 of them.

Ontario PC Party leader Doug Ford has finally unveiled his 5 Priorities for Ontario – all 10 of them.

Ford’s Plan for the People can be found here.

Here are his 5 Priorities:

  1. Put more money in your pocket.
  2. Clean up the Hydro mess.
  3. Create good jobs.
  4. Restore accountability and trust.
  5. Cut hospital wait times.

All in all, I think he’s nailed the core issues that affect my life as a resident of Ontario. So far, so good. But, what about the details?

Ford’s Plan then goes on to articulate all 10 of his 5 Priorities in greater detail. That’s right: 10. Ten. One more than nine and one less than 11. Approximately five more than five.

Following the 5 Priorities, the PC’s expand into detail on:

  1. Hydro
  2. Rebuilding Ontario
  3. Restoring responsibility, accountability and trust
  4. Respect for taxpayers
  5. Jobs
  6. Health
  7. Education
  8. North
  9. Environment
  10. Justice

Seriously. How hard is it to have 5 Priorities?

Having written a few campaign platforms in my time, the truth is: it’s really hard. But, it’s doable. The fact Ford’s team can’t seem to do this suggests an internal inability to communicate well, or an inability to agree on what’s important. Neither is a positive sign for the campaign – or the government it may produce. The hardest part of strategy is never figuring out what to do – it’s figuring out what not to do.

I’ll go into greater detail in future posts, as I have time to digest.