Government broke rules on purpose

October 18, 2017 0

On Tuesday, Ontario’s Auditor General issued a damning indictment of the government’s Fair Hydro Plan. You can read the entire document here. Or, you can […]

Time to shame Bombardier?

October 13, 2017 0

Once again, Canada’s favourite transportation brand has failed the good people of Toronto. Bombardier, the company allegedly building Toronto’s new streetcars, has once again failed […]

Event: Consulting in a Disruptive Age

September 19, 2017 0

I’m looking forward to appearing on a Special Panel Discussion for CMC Canada (the professional association of Canada’s management consultants) on Sep. 27, 2017 in […]

Transgender soldiers: no big deal

August 5, 2017 0

Should transgender soldiers be allowed to serve in the armed forces? Whether you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ the truth is: it doesn’t matter. President Donald […]


August 4, 2017 0

Yesterday in Jerusalem I heard your laugh and turned in time to see a woman wearing your smile disappear into a crowded marketplace. You are […]

Toronto cops: in crisis? Uhh… no

July 13, 2017 0

Toronto’s cops are over-worked, burned-out and over-stressed, according to a new PR campaign funded by the police union. “We’ve now reached a crisis or breaking […]

PC-speak is double-plus bad

June 28, 2017 0

George Orwell was wrong. In the end, it wouldn’t be an authoritarian tyranny that imposed double-speak to oppress the masses.  Instead, the people themselves adopted the exaggerated sense of […]

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