We’re watching the wrong COVID numbers

April 28, 2020 towhey 0

EVERY DAY, government releases the latest COVID-19 numbers that tell us a lot of what we don’t need to know, and just a little of what’s important. Here’s how to tell the difference.

We’re not all in this together

March 26, 2020 towhey 0

Politicians at every level in Canada have been giving some version of the “We’re all in this together – we need to share the sacrifice” speech since the COVID19 Crisis began. But, the reality is we are not all in this together. We are not sharing the sacrifice. Not, by a long shot.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better

March 25, 2020 towhey 0

Each morning, I hear the daily COVID numbers reported – but the only number that really matters to me is the number of new cases daily. I’m listening for the day that number is the same as it was the day before. Then, when it’s fewer – as the spread begins too slow. Ultimately, it will plateau – and we’ll have few or no new cases. That’s when we’ll have turned the tide.